Because all good things take their time

Everything in Its Time. Suo Tempore

And while you enjoy these two intense years to the fullest, the olive tree is busy getting ready to bear fruit

By the way, the olive tree is the only Mediterranean crop that has a two-year cycle. Two years in which the tree is nourished by everything that surrounds it: the soil, rain, other plants, the care of its owner. Two years to give life to the best olive oil possible.

For two years, we have dedicated ourselves to selecting the best olive trees and the best extra virgin olive oil from the top producers in Lleida, located in Catalonia, one of the most renowned historical regions in the production of olive oil in all the Mediterranean.

The pursuit of excellence by those who know that the best results come from close teamwork.

The good things in life take their time, like a mother’s home cooking, like trust, like love. Everything in its proper time. Suo Tempore.

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