Suo Tempore brings together some of the top producers from an area long dedicated to its traditions and worthy of the prestige earned thereby, none other than Lleida.

Suo Tempore is the result of the efforts during 2 intense years in which we combined our delight in extra virgin olive oil with our passion for it, convinced that all good things require their proper time, with no rush, which as in the case of fine cooking, requires patience to guarantee excellence.

Throughout these 2 years, the roots of our olive trees were nourished day by day and minute by minute, thanks to the efforts and time invested by the best producers, who have now united to offer the world the fruits of their best efforts.

A deep dedication throughout the process, natural treatment of the olive groves over time, careful preparation at the hands of the best team of producers, and the unique qualities of our soil are the cornerstones guaranteeing the excellence that differentiates every drop of Suo Tempore.


Authenticity, quality and dedication to the product define our identity

Ramón Barrull
Director of Cooperativa de la Granadella

“Suo Tempore is a way to diversify the production of our cooperative and reach destinations where we had never been before”

Montse Soria
Raig d'Arbeca

“Suo Tempore has helped us grow”

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Adrià Dalmau
Nou Segons

“We have to create the synergies that will allow our oil to make the leap forward it deserves. This is what we have done with Suo Tempore”

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Maria Guiu
Oli Soleil

“Suo Tempore is an excellent vehicle for promoting the fine oil that comes from Lleida and Catalonia in general”

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The values that define us

Things done well need their time, without rushing them, without cutting corners, placing all our attention on the details that make a difference.
We work as a team, because teamwork advances our common goal of achieving the highest possible quality.
Each drop of Suo Tempore contains the finest olive oil from the region of Lleida and represents the work and dedication of the best team of producers. Limited production.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil made from Arbequina olives is emblematic of the province of Lleida. Accredited as one of the best extra virgin oils in the world for its low acidity (0,2) and considered one of the finest by connoisseurs.

Suo Tempore Quality

Suo Tempore is an union between tradition and passion for a product that together with the latest technology, it permits us to offer to the customer the best green, expressive and balanced oil from the best harvest.
Leading research centers of oil quality at the international level prove that Suo Tempore meets the highest quality requirements.
On the nose, Suo Tempore has an intense aroma of green fruits along with a fresh recently cut grass notes, mint and leaves with dry fruits such as almonds and nuts and a bouquet of vegetables (artichoke and tomato).
On the palate, it has a pleasant and soft taste with green fruits flavours. It has a perfect balance between bitterness, spicy and astringency.

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