It is said that the Mediterranean begins and ends with the olive tree

During the times of the Roman Empire, whenever the Romans conquered a Mediterranean village, they would plant an olive tree as a symbol of their presence in the territory. The tree would then bear its first fruit in two years.

Two years, during which the climate and the soil nurture its growth, from birth to the final coming of age of its fruit.

365 + 365 days to enjoy an iconic fruit and signature component in the Mediterranean diet.

Suo Tempore represents the legacy of this land and its passion for the finest products

Suo tempore has its roots in the conviction that all good things take their time

For two years, we have dedicated ourselves to caring for and pampering every root, each little branch and every single flower of the best olive trees in Lleida, one of the most renown regions for the production of olive oil in the Mediterranean, direct from the hands of the best producers in a region rich in history and tradition.

Together, united, giving the best each can offer at each step and in every moment for two years, all dedicated to achieving the maximum expression of quality that any extra virgin olive oil can aspire to obtain.

The pursuit of excellence by those who know that the best results come from working hand-in-hand as a team.

2 years dedicated in body and soul to producing the finest extra virgin olive oil

2 years in search of maximum excellence

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