Suo Tempore has its origins in Lleida, a land known for its olive growing tradition and recognized throughout the world.

Located in the autonomous community of Catalonia (193 km from the city of Barcelona), Lleida occupies an area of 211,7 km2. . It is one of the largest cities in all Catalonia.


The province stands out for its production of extra virgin olive oil, obtained from the fruits of the Arbequina olive variety, considered one of the best extra virgin olive oils in the world.

Our land

Lleida is a unique territory, dotted by olive groves on both sides of the province, possessing a Mediterranean climate with little rainfall, a rough terrain with its own unique modeled landscapes, all of which combine to yield a product as special as Suo Tempore. The environment that surrounds our olive groves, landscapes of pine forests and fields of grain, together with our olive trees provides our oil with unique characteristics impossible to find in any other area.

Arbequina Quality

The olive tree is one of the most extensively grown crops in the counties comprising Lleida province, and the extra virgin olive oil extracted from the area is recognized throughout the world for its fine properties and exquisite flavor. Suo Tempore is made from the finest Arbequina olives, which are harvested manually, using special ripening at different stages of maturation. An Extra Virgin Olive Oil of superior category with a fundamental importance in the Mediterranean diet, recognized worldwide and declared by the UNESCO an Intangible Heritage of Humanity

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